February 06, 2019

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The Alex Jones Show - February 6, 2019

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Trump Rocks Nation - The vast majority of Americans approved of President Trump’s SOTU address where he slammed socialism, called to end forever wars, and blasted Dems’ stance on infanticide. High-profile Dems refused to applaud the president after he vowed to stop sex trafficking and illegal immigration. Joining today’s show is founder and director of the Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes sharing his fight in defending the Constitution. Furthermore, NaturalNews.com’s Mike Adams discusses how globalists are using cryptocurrencies to rob the masses. Call and tune in now!

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  • Date: 02/06/2019

    On today's program David Knight covers the State of The Union and breaks down what President Trump said last night. The topic of abortion was very important to President Trump. Karl Marx's grave was attacked with a hammer and was vandalized. In California, recreational marijuana is not going as planned because sales have not reached what was estimated. Harrison Smith joins David in the third hour to discuss some more of the State of The Union speech - Watch now

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    Right as The War Room is going live, the next level of censorship is endured as Facebook, the last social media account left for The War Room, has banned the broadcast. Roger Stone responds to the ban and breaks down what he wants to hear from President Trump during the State Of The Union Address. - Watch now

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    President Trump will call for unity in tonight's critical State of the Union address while also pressing lawmakers to avoid another shutdown by ensuring border security. Tune into Infowars.com/show at 6pm Central watch our in-depth analysis! Also, Muslims in NYC are driving “community patrol” cars that look like NYPD vehicles in a move critics are comparing to “Sharia Police." Joining today’s show is media commentator Gavin Mcinnes sharing exclusive details on his fight against the Southern Poverty Law Center. Be part of this historic battle at defendgavin.com. - Watch now

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    David Knight makes his return after a month of absence due to a heart attack. Harrison Smith joins in the first hour to get into some news and to help David catch up on what he missed while he was gone. Then David gives his take on the Ralph Northam controversy and how it is trying to distract from his abortion comments. The Democrats have been opposing the border wall, but as Trump gets ready for the SOTU we will see what he rolls out. - Watch now