August 20, 2019

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Fluoride Kills IQ: But DailyBeast & AMA Try to Spin JAMA Study

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Even though JAMA Pediatrics published a study showing harmful effects of fluoride dumped into public water (“comparable to lead”), media & AMA try to minimize it and still criticize those of us who told you truth — “before the anti-vaxxers there were anti-flouriders”. Then, NYT is pivoting from lies about a RussiaGate conspiracy to selling a revised American history, 1619 Project, ignoring current actual slavery and pushing division, deconstruction, intersectional privilege while denouncing Trump & his supporters as “racist”. And, Jon Rappoport,, joins to talk about medical freedom vs a govt that OWNS you — stem cells, CBD, fluoride, vaccines and the corporate shills at CDC, FDA, EPA.

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