August 09, 2013

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Friday: The Alex Jones Show. Elysium Propaganda Dissected. Plus, Seal Team 6 Revisited with Larry Klayman and Charlie Strange. Then, Drew Pearson On The Hail Mary For Your Health.

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Alex covers unprecedented news today on this Friday, August 9 edition of the Alex Jones Show. The Department of Homeland Security is advising that a "group of trained terrorists" may plant "backpack style bombs" on 6th Street in Austin, Texas this weekend, which prompts memories of the Boston bombing last April. Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson is in studio today for his take on current events. Charlie Strange, father of late SEAL Team Six member Michael Strange, also joins the show. Michael, along with 30 other U.S. special operations members, died in 2011 when their Vietnam-era Chinook helicopter was shot down during landing in Afghanistan. American lawyer and activist Larry Klayman also joins the show alongside Charlie Strange. Klayman and Strange filed a class-action lawsuit against the Obama Administration over the NSA's domestic wiretapping. After Strange criticized the Obama Administration over the death of his son, Verizon told him that somebody was listening in on his phone calls.

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    Today on the Thursday, August 8 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex interviews the driving forces behind the Overpasses forObama's Impeachment campaign, James Neighborsand Dallas Thurman and discusses their mission to remove the corrupt and criminal President Obama. Alex will also talk with Green Party candidate, former Georgia State House Representative and activist Cynthia McKinney about the aftermath of the Trayvon riots. Alex will also discuss McKinney's new book titled “The Illegal War on Libya,” in which she set out to monitor NATO's purported humanitarian intervention where she witnessed NATO's assault on a helpless civilian population. Alex will also cover the latest on a Reuters report that exposed an IRS manual detailing a branch of the DEA used for “recreating investigation” trails, and utilizing counter-terrorism tactics in domestic drug, organized crime and money laundering cases. - Watch now

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    On The August 8, 2013 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News. News Covered: IRS manual detailed DEA's use of hidden intel evidence. The DEA program is run by a secretive unit called the Special Operations Division. A document reviewed by Reuters shows that federal drug agents are trained to "recreate" the investigative trail to conceal the SOD's involvement. Defense attorneys, former prosecutors and judges say the practice prevents defendants from even knowing about evidence that might be exculpatory. They say it circumvents court procedures for weighing whether sensitive, classified or FISA evidence must be disclosed to a defendant. Ex-Border Patrol Agents Warn: Politicians Helping Cartels in U.S. Mexican drug cartels increasingly hire US military servicemen as assassins. Politicians Given “Invisible” License Plates That Make Them Immune To Traffic Laws. 'Elysium' director Neill Blomkamp, star Matt Damon deny movie has political agenda. - Watch now

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