July 02, 2014

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Illegal Invasion Destroying Small Town America.

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A once prosperous Texas town is now drowning in debt due to the swarm of illegals destroying property,spreading disease and filling up mass graves on the taxpayer's dime. Infowars reporter Jon bowne speaks with Falfurrias Texas judge Raul Ramirez about the red level warning signs for main street America.

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  • Date: 07/02/2014

    Dr. Michael and Linda Vickers are the founders of Texas Border Volunteers, an organization that assists Border Patrol in monitoring illegal alien activity that spills out onto their land and the surrounding ranches. The increase includes an alarming amount of illegals from other parts of the world other than Mexico and South America. This is a wake up call for those unaware of the dangers lurking in towns close to the United States-Mexico border. And a hard lesson on whats to come if the current administration unleashes the wave of disease, terrorism, and despotism that will certainly break the back of the United States of America. This is the first video in a series of interviews with Dr. Michael and Linda Vickers. - Watch now

  • Date: 07/03/2014

    On this July 03, 2014 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News. David Knight Hosts. News Covered: A Period Is Questioned in the Declaration of Independence, If Only Thomas Jefferson Could Settle the Issue. Visiting Websites About Privacy Gets You Put in an NSA Database of “Extremists” BBC Reporter: Google Moving to “Suppress Legitimate Journalism.” Federal Gov’t Sues Wisconsin Company, Says English-Language Requirement is 'Discrimination.' TSA Plans “Enhanced Security” for Fourth of July Travelers. Transportation Jobs Up 12 Percent From Recession’s Low Point. Obama sounds the alarm on looming Highway Trust Fund shortfall. FACT SHEET: President Obama Lays Out Vision for 21st Century Transportation Infrastructure. Latest Round of TIGER Grants Continues Funding of Questionable Projects. Extra deputies called, one ejected from Palm Beach County Commission meeting. “FASCISM” IS THE BEST WAY TO IMPLEMENT SEVEN50: SE FLORIDA PROSPERITY PLAN. “FASCISM” IS THE BEST WAY TO IMPLEMENT SEVEN50: SE FLORIDA PROSPERITY PLAN. - Watch now

  • Date: 07/03/2014

    On this Thursday, July 3 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex examines the prevalent lackadaisical attitude toward liberty in America as the 4th of July celebration of independence from tyranny approaches. He also takes a look at how the “right to be forgotten” on the internet has morphed into an effort to suppress journalism and silence truth tellers. On today's worldwide broadcast, Alex talks with Lord Christopher Monckton about a $30,000 challenge issued by a professor in Texas to prove that climate change is not man-made. Monckton, a special advisor to former U.K. Prime minister Margaret Thatcher, is considered the “high priest” of climate skepticism. Alex also talks with Darrell Hammamoto, a University of California professor who warns that the tidal wave of illegal immigrants flooding into the United States is part of a plan to build a new underclass in America who will be subservient to the elite. - Watch now

  • Date: 07/02/2014

    On this mind-blowing Wednesday, July 2 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex and David Knight break down the latest assaults on our liberties, our prosperity and our borders. In California, a state bill would empower police to confiscate a person's firearms solely on the basis of an accusation - not a legal court ruling - made against the gun owner. Also, the brown shirt security force patrolling the illegal immigrant shelter in San Antonio, Texas, is threatening to arrest doctors and nurses if they leak information on the severe threat of contagious disease brought across the border by infected illegals. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that President Obama orchestrated the border collapse in order to push amnesty. Economic forecaster Harry S. Dent, Jr. joins the show to explain why another housing crisis is looming which could lead to a sharp downturn in real estate and stock prices around the world. You don't want to miss this bombshell broadcast! - Watch now