July 25, 2014

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Thursday: The Infowars Nightly News. Woman Unwittingly Fed, Sheltered MS-13 Gang Member. Plus, Analyst: Germany Secretly Planning to Join BRICS.

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On this July 24, 2014 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News. David Knight Hosts. News Covered: AMERICAN JOURNALIST EXPLOITS WIDE GAPS IN BORDER, WALKS RIGHT INTO MEXICO. WOMAN UNWITTINGLY FED, SHELTERED MS-13 GANG MEMBER. JOE BIDEN: VOTER ID LAWS “AN ATTEMPT TO REPRESS MINORITY VOTING”. GAO LAUNCHED AN OBAMACARE STING OPERATION—AND ALMOST ALL FAKE INSURANCE APPLICATIONS WERE APPROVED. Michigan Dept of Agri Forces Farmer to Dump 248 Gallons of Organic Milk and Break 1200 Free Range Eggs. UKRAINIAN FIGHTER JETS HID BEHIND PASSENGER PLANE, PULLED AWAY AND DROPPED BOMBS, AND THEN HID BEHIND PLANE ONCE AGAIN. ANALYST: GERMANY SECRETLY PLANNING TO JOIN BRICS. Feds Spending $10 Million to Build Robot Companions for Children. Senate Undergoes Emergency Cleaning After Woman Drags In Bedbugs. LEAKED DOCUMENT: “FACTS” AND “EVIDENCE” NOT CONSIDERED WHEN ADDING AMERICANS TO TERROR LISTS. Woman in Labor Unable to Cross Street to Hospital Because of Obama Motorcade. FEC chair warns of chilling regulations, book ban on conservative publishers. Caught in the act: FEC to hobble sales of new Paul Ryan book. Paul Ryan asks FEC for permission to buy his own book. How White House Reporters Can Reclaim Their Beat.

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    Alex breaks down the latest in tyranny and tense world events on this Thursday, July 24 edition of the Alex Jones Show. In a real life example of President Obama denying access to reproductive health care, a woman in labor was not allowed to cross the street to a hospital because the road had been closed for Obama's impending motorcade. Obama had been in California to meet multimillionaire donors, but once again the press was shut out from the event. In world news, pressure is mounting on Israel to stop its military campaign against Hamas in Gaza as fears grow that other groups such as Hezbolla may join the fight. Joining today's show to discuss the situation in Israel is former State Department official and psychological warfare expert Dr. Steve Pieczenik. Also on today's show is political science, comparative culture, and mass media professor Dr. Darrell Y. Hamamoto, who breaks down the current border collapse, the agenda of La Raza and the destruction of America's national sovereignty. - Watch now

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    Prozac, Zoloft and many other psycho-pharmaceuticals are being used on zoo animals to control behavior. The new book, "Animal Madness: How Anxious Dogs, Compulsive Parrots and Elephants in Recovery Help Us Understand Ourselves", admits that it seems like anthropomorphism to talk about mental illness in animals. But are we engaging in reverse anthropomorphism, treating humans like animals? We use behavior modification techniques and pharmaceuticals to control behavior of humans, yet zoo keepers are ashamed to admit they give the same drugs to animals in the zoo. - Watch now