January 28, 2015

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Governor Behind Taxpayer Funded Media Channel.

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While his staff writes of the channel as a new way to educate and inform citizens, some are concerned it will be a new source of propaganda.

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  • Date: 01/28/2015

    On the Wednesday, January 28 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Jones breaks down why economists and other wealthy policy makers at Davos are fearing the prospect of Ferguson-style riots should an uprising of the poor caused by wealth inequality. Alex also discusses Facebook's move to censor images of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, as the Obamas display reverence for Saudi Arabian royalty, and also breaks down the TSA's latest plan to browse travelers' social media profiles. On today's show, Alex talks with John Draper, the legendary hacker known as “Captain Crunch” for his phone phreaking antics, about the NSA's capability of cracking PGP, the Snowden revelations, as well as the mystery behind the Sony hack. Draper wrote the first word processor of the Apple II. - Watch now

  • Date: 01/29/2015

    On the January 28, 2015 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, BILL GATES CALLS FOR ‘GLOBAL GOVERNMENT’. Wife jailed for 20 YEARS for firing warning shots to scare off abusive husband finally walks free. Councilman pulls gun when gunman opens fire outside. FACEBOOK BLOCKS IMAGES OF MUHAMMAD. - Watch now

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    On the January 27, 2015 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News,UK GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCES PLAN TO REMOTELY CONTROL VEHICLES. Elon Musk pays to make sure robots don't kill you. Apple supplier Foxconn to shrink workforce: rise of robots. DOW PLUNGES 360 POINTS, ERASES ALL POST-QE GAINS. Global Warming Blizzard Forecasters Fail. - Watch now

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    On this Tuesday, January 27 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the East Coast blizzard that wasn’t a blizzard and resulted in a government mandated virtual shutdown of transportation from New York City to Boston that will ultimately cost billions of dollars in lost business revenue. Alex also covers the stupendous waste of money as taxpayers fork out a quarter of a million dollars to send Obama to meet the new leader of a country that funds terror, whips and beheads citizens and prevents women from driving. On today’s show, Alex talks with Joseph Curl, the writer and political columnist who ran the Drudge Report for four years and spent 12 years as the Washington Times’ White House correspondent. He is also the editor to RightRead.com. Alex also talks with Robert Breaux, the activist responsible for putting up Infowars billboards across the South. - Watch now