April 25, 2015

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Nightly News for Friday, April 24, 2015

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First on the nightly news Rob Dew talks with Infowars report former United States Army Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs about Operation Jade Helm and what the people are doing about it, then a CIA asset is retired thanks to Infowars, then another nail in the vaccine debate coffin as a document from GSK admits their vaccines have caused autism and finally the world's largest polluter is unmasked.

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    Warren Weinstein Begged Obama to Save Him Four Years Before U.S. Drone Killed Him, Can The President Kill Americans?, VIDEO: Marines Conduct Riot Control Drill, and more. - Watch now

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    On this Thursday, April 23 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we look into Obama's claim that American and Italian hostages were accidentally killed in a drone strike, a video showing marines conducting riot control drills here in the U.S., and a new comic book series about the Revolutionary War. Jakari Jackson covers the latest on Obama's drone strike claims. Also, Paul Joseph Watson joins the show to analyze the domestic military build-up and Anthony Gucciardi breaks down how Big Pharma demonizes vitamins in favor of expensive SSRIs and other patented pills. You won't want to miss today's show! - Watch now

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    SITE Linked to Military Industry Complex and Intelligence. In 2003 and 2004, SITE received financial support from the US government. Also in the early 2000s SITE was on contract providing consulting services to the FBI. It would appear that SITE has abandoned its non-profit status and now relies on corporate and individual subscriptions for revenue. In 2005 the private mercenary contractor Blackwater hailed SITE as “an invaluable resource.” “One of SITE’s founders, Rita Katz, is a government insider with close connections to former terrorism czar Richard Clarke and his staff in the White House, as well as investigators in the Department of Justice, Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Homeland Security, according to SourceWatch. A number of the videos SITE has claimed to have discovered were subsequently found to be frauds. - Watch now

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