September 15, 2017

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Friday- September 15th 2017-Real News With David Knight: Amnesty & “Extreme Security, Not Only Surveillance But Everything That Goes Along With Surveillance”

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• Michael Synder — Venezuela abandons petrodollar. BRICS summit proposed abandoning it as well. Will this be the pin that bursts the $20Trillion debt bubble?
• Lee Stranahan — from the Ukrainian coup to politicized intel agencies in the US pushing to overthrow the US election, the connections that form an interlocking conspiracy
— Trump is now promising “extreme security, not only surveillance, but everything that comes with surveillance” to accompany DACA amnesty. Will Federal control of employment, purchasing and movement be accepted (in the name of border security) by conservatives who would otherwise be skeptical of what looks & smells like the Mark of the Beast?
— Thousands are accepting chip implants to ride public transport in Europe as an American company wants to partner with you to snitch on fellow drivers for cash
— The war on free speech and whistleblowers accelerates with Section 623 of the 2018 Intel Act

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