October 03, 2017

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Tuesday_Real News With David Knight - October 3, 2017: Dems Attack Gun Owners As Terrorists, GOP Silenced

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• Wayne Rohde — exposes the secretive Vaccine Court set up to protect drug companies from financial liability for their “unavoidably unsafe” product as the Supreme Court pronounced them while shutting down our ability to sue in a real court.
• caller who was at the primary kill zone in the Las Vegas shooting relates what he saw

— Reactions from those at the shooting, politicians, pundits and those who knew the man identified by the govt as the shooter
— After turning a deaf ear to the cries for help in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton suppresses opponents of gun control with her lies about “silencers”. David Knight exposes the lies of Brian Williams, a former FBI agent, Hillary Clinton and others who deceive an ignorant public about “silencers”.
— ObamaCare (supposedly Affordable Care) has caused premiums to skyrocket — a fact denied by mainstream media who now admit it and try to pin the blame on Trump. Meanwhile, those in the EU fear that liability insurance for LAWNMOWERS may be mandated by the EU after a single incident involving a tractor in Slovenia.

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