October 11, 2017

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Wednesday-Real News With David Knight - October 11, 2017:Problems With Las Vegas Lies & “Band-Aids” Cover-Up

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• Lionel — Weinstein praised Roman Polanski for being “true to his art” and said he had suffered enough for the “so-called crime” of raping minors. So is Weinstein going to Europe for “rehab” or to escape extradition
• Michael Thompson — NFL and the media’s contempt for America is already having consequences — as they popularity, ratings, influence and money collapse
• Shari Dovale — FBI is being sued for $8M by a guard who was shot in the ISIS jihadi attack. He alleges they created the terror plot that ISIS took credit for, and even accompanied the terrorists (who attacked and were killed).

— Las Vegas police spokesman makes an amazing statement: “We can’t put a band-aid on everything”. So what else are they covering up as the lies unravel?
— As the NFL is pushing a BLM race war, the GOP begins pushing gun control
— A DREAMER is suing Texas to pay for her abortion. Will we fund abortions for anyone in the world who comes here illegally, like we fund their education?
— The Petrodollar has propped up America’s profligate spending since the 70s. It is now fracturing as OPEC beckons America’s domestic oil producers, especially the fracking industry, to join it after it failed to drive them out of business.
— BREXIT is being stalled by Theresa May (who Nigel Farage calls Theresa “Maybe”) and Catalonia’s President lost his nerve on declaring independence. Will appeasement save him from jail?

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