May 09, 2018

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Israel Strikes Syria, Iran Promises To Destroy Israel

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Trump Brings Captives Home - President Trump said he will personally greet the three U.S. captives returning from North Korea. The move shows goodwill between the two nations as the nuclear disarmament summit looms in the near future. Joining today’s show is Vatican expert Leo Zagami to break down news from Italy. Also, bounty hunter Beth Chapman explains big tech’s next censorship campaign. Furthermore, victim of NY attorney general Schneiderman Kristy Mazurek discusses her encounter.

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  • Date: 05/09/2018

    There’s more to NXIVM than the media is telling you. Their “doctor” is alleged to have literally enacted the psychological conditioning portrayed in “A Clockwork Orange”. But how are YOU being programmed more subtly? Then, David Knight looks at the reefer madness on both the left and right and the reactions and possible consequences of Trump leaving Obama’s Iran “deal”. And, Lionel joins to look at media spin on Schneiderman and the implications for privacy in how DNA was obtained to catch the Golden State serial killer. - Watch now

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    The resignation of Eric Schneiderman exposes the entire network of deep state operatives against President Trump as well as exposes the liberal double standard when it comes to standing up for women. In other big news, President Trump fulfills another promise and voids the Iran deal, as Robert Mueller rejects Trump’s attempts to answer questions. - Watch now

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    S&M Dem Exposed - The New York AG - and a leader of the #MeToo movement - has resigned amid allegations he kept "slaves" he beat into submission as part of his S&M role play. None of the women classified the behavior as consensual, according to media. On today's show geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl breaks down how Trump will ax the Iranian nuke deal amongst other news. You don't want to miss this broadcast, so tune in! - Watch now

  • Date: 05/08/2018

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