June 26, 2018

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WW4 Has Begun! Learn The Globalists’ Plan To Bring Down America And Establish Their NWO

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Supremes Uphold Travel Ban - The Supreme Court sided with Trump’s travel ban in a 5-4 decision rejecting discrimination claims. The majority opinion stated the president has substantial power to regulate immigration. Joining today’s show in-studio is conservative YouTuber Amazing Lucas discussing the Left’s failing grip on pop culture. Also, political activist and author Mike Cernovch explains the dangers of fake news. Furthermore, immigration lawyer Susan Pai breaks down America’s hottest issue.

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  • Date: 06/26/2018

    Comey shut down negotiations to get Assange out of captivity in the Ecuador Embassy. How lame is mainstream media? Look at the quislings who won’t speak out in defense of Assange & free speech. Then, NJ Weedman tells his story. He was held without bail for 447 days, fought for 4th Amend, 5th Amend, 6th Amend, 10th Amend — WON. And, Zack Taylor, retired border patrol agent with 26 years experience and Chairman of NAFBPO (National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers), tells what is really going on at the border and how to fix it. - Watch now

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    Democrats have committed to violence and insanity as Maxine Waters and other Democrats have gone on television and social media and incited a civil war against Republicans and Trump supporters. The War Room has decided to launch a counter to this by finding a way to stop it and reaching the brainwashed masses who fall for the propaganda. - Watch now

  • Date: 06/25/2018

    No Judge, Court for Illegals - Trump said illegal invaders must be returned to where they came from immediately, using no court or judges, in a midterm-focused argument calling out Democrats who do nothing but “RESIST” and allow high crime rates. Correspondingly, anti-Trump leftists reached a new “resistance” milestone after a restaurant refused to serve Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Internationally, Trump called on countries to remove artificial trade barriers and tariffs or be met with reciprocity from America. - Watch now

  • Date: 06/25/2018

    Steve Scalise, who was shot by a leftist hater, has sounded the alarm even as Maxine Waters incites violence. Then, David Knight looks at the megalomaniac globalists, from the billionaires pushing for the banning of gas & diesel engines, to the UK & EU politicians banning cars altogether in urban areas in the next 5-10 years, to the political leaders that rage against God because they see themselves as god. And, Joel Skousen joins to look at the purge of libertarian feminist writers by the Marxist professors in charge of education as well as his comments on what has NOT happened in NK and what will likely happen there and in China. - Watch now