June 29, 2018

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Democrats Falsely Blame Conservatives for Capitol gazette Shooting

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Left Stirs Pot - CNN blames Trump for the Annapolis shooting even though the gunman had a bad history with the company for years. Furthermore, left- wing activist Michael Moore calls for people to “rise up" and put "bodies on the line." Even Obama said in his first public comment in months that people “are right to be concerned.” Be better and start your weekend informed

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  • Date: 06/29/2018

    Media attacks Trump after Capital Gazette shooting but even a quick response from the police shows that there’s no substitute for being armed for self-defense as newly released body cam footage shows police frozen in fear—directly below the shooter in Las Vegas—for over 5 MINUTES. Then, Matt Bracken joins David Knight to look at the fight that erupted on Capitol Hill as Congress & Rosenstein exchanged angry accusations. And, a last minute effort by EU to save Merkel, the Salisbury nerve gas lie exposed again, and the new darling of the media—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—speaks on how to avoid the label “socialist”. - Watch now

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