September 23, 2018

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Counter Think with Mike Adams - September 23, 2018

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  • Date: 09/23/2018

    All Witnesses Refute Kavanaugh Accuser - Witnesses of the woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault have contradicted her story, with all claiming they never attended a party with the nominee. Despite this development, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley caved to the accuser's demands of testifying to the committee later this week. Meanwhile, President Trump has ordered antitrust investigations into Big Tech companies to look into bias practices and censorship. On today's show, we'll talk about what this means for free speech in America and beyond. - Watch now

  • Date: 09/21/2018

    Bombshell news day as PayPal bans InfoWars from using its financial transaction service. It is revealed that Rod Rosenstein was actively trying to overthrow the President by wearing a wire and recording his conversations. - Watch now

  • Date: 09/21/2018

    The woman accusing President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee of sexual assault is setting the terms for her own appearance before next week’s Senate Committee. The media circus surrounding her allegations has fostered unprecedented opposition to the confirmation of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Trump, however, called out the timing of the accusations as well as adding facts don’t matter to the radical left who only want to “destroy and delay.” Also, liberty-loving patriots and Infowarriors around the world are sounding the alarm against Big Tech’s efforts to further partner with the global elite’s anti-human mission. Start your weekend informed. - Watch now

  • Date: 09/21/2018

    Censorship didn’t begin with social media shadowbanning & outright banning. It is a globalist plan laid out nearly 50 yrs ago by Zbigniew Brzezinski — a gradual roll out of a technocratic tyranny that knows everything about you & has the ability to use it instantly for control. It’s happening now in China but most don’t realize it’s also happening now in America & Europe. - Watch now