November 16, 2018

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Political Propagandist Jim Acosta Allowed Back In The White House

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In a twist of fate, CNN has successfully sued to have Jim Acosta's White House Press Credentials restored so he can continue to disrupt President Trump's press conferences. Meanwhile, violent clashes continue to happen between the migrant caravan, law enforcement and citizens.

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  • Date: 11/16/2018

    A federal judge sided with CNN by ordering the White House to restore Jim Acosta’s press pass. Furthermore, the Trump-appointed judge said the ruling is based on Acosta not being given the chance to defend himself as well as being denied “due process” by the White House. Also, the migrant caravan crisis south of the border took a unique turn after hundreds of Mexicans clashed with members of the caravan in Tijuana. Local Mexicans threw rocks at the migrants and told them to “go home.” Start your weekend informed. - Watch now

  • Date: 11/16/2018

    As a judge demands Jim Acosta be let back into the White House, does anyone remember the multiple times Obama threw press out? He was applauded by CNN for throwing someone out saying “this is MY house”. Then, the DOJ leaks a sealed indictment of Julian Assange, whistleblower John Kiriakou blows the whistle on felonies committed by Brennan & Clapper who then classified their felonies and threatened Sen Grassley not to talk about it. And, the recount is over in Florida and the Democrats can’t win, but they will now sue just as Theresa May has betrayed the BREXIT vote in the UK. - Watch now

  • Date: 11/15/2018

    The migrant caravan that CNN told you didn’t exist is at the southern border, climbing fences and getting violent, we have an eyewitness on to report it. The Democrats are committed to the steal, as they continue to tally votes more than a week after the elections. We also talk to Roger Stone about the current situation with the fake Russian Collusion investigation. - Watch now

  • Date: 11/15/2018

    Trump’s lawyers have made it clear that the president can ban “all reporters” from the White House. The looming ultimatum came on the heels of CNN’s lawsuit to restore Jim Acosta’s White House credentials. Also, UK’s PM is betraying the Brexit movement by ignoring the people’s choice from the 2016 referendum. Correspondingly, Nigel Farage has slammed the prime minister as “duplicitous” and called the new arrangement the “worst deal in history.” Joining today’s show is bestselling author Vox Day explaining what conservatives should do next for alternative media against Big Tech censorship. - Watch now