December 04, 2018

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Apple Says Alex Jones Doesn’t Have The Right To Free Speech And Justice Censoring

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Tim Cook received an award from the ADL and in his speech decided to justify his reason for banning Alex Jones and Infowars. We also discuss the crisis at the border with Oath Keepers and the lengths they are taking to protect us from a foreign invasion. We also take calls on internet censorship and how to deal with the Deep State.

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  • Date: 12/04/2018

    French President Emmanuel Macron delayed his climate change tax after populist movements spread across the country. The “Yellow Vest” protestors were able to delay the globalist tax hike by six months. Also, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted it’s a “sin” NOT to ban certain individuals from social media. Today’s in-studio guest is founder and director of the Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes explaining his fight to defend the Constitution. Roger Stone gives the latest in the Mueller investigation. - Watch now

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    French President Emmanuel Macron refuses to back down from his fuel taxes that sparked massive riots in Paris.Also, multiple police officers are showing their solidarity with the “yellow vest” protestors by removing their helmets in an act of defiance against Macron. Furthermore, French cops have called for troops to hit the streets as experts predict the violence and unrest is set to escalate in the already worst riots seen in Paris in 50 years. Joining today’s show is Roger Stone breaking down the latest from the Mueller probe. Also, founder & director of the Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes explains his mission to defend the Constitution. Finally, Larry Klayman shares his latest developments in his fight against Big Tech censorship. - Watch now