February 12, 2019

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How Trump Can Build the Wall “Anyway”

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Italy Hails Trump as “Warhammer” Against Globalism. Even a globalist mouthpiece newspaper can’t avoid the obvious comparison of the EU to the Nazis. Soros is worried but sees hope for the EU & world government in the “Green” movement. During Trump’s rally on Monday night, chants of “USA! USA! USA!” boomed throughout the venue with American flags and MAGA hats everywhere, while Beto’s smaller rally featured a mariachi band, waving Mexican flags, and burkas. MSM Hypes Non-Existent Measles Epidemic. Gavin McInnes & Ali Alexander are uniting to counterattack the SPLC that the establish has used to wrongfully label political opponents as “hateful” and “racist” and effectively ban their free speech for life. DefendGavin.com

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