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  • Special Reports

    Date: 05/28/2013

    Although millions of people worldwide marched in an effort to fight Monsanto's monopoly, the mainstream media didn't bother to cover actual news that matters to the people. - Watch now

  • Special Reports

    Date: 05/13/2013

    Tired of Monsanto's poison and the so-called organic products using GMO's? Flip the bird to the system by growing your own garden and set up Aquaponics in your own yard. Let's rebuild our community and liberate eachother from the oppression! - Watch now

  • Nightly News

    Date: 07/17/2012

    On this July 17, 2012 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, an interview with "Genetic Roulette" author Jeffrey Smith on the fact that GMOs are flourishing based on consumer ignorance. Aa - Watch now