May 04, 2013

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CISPA and Marketplace Fairness Act

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What you missed during incessant coverage of the boston bombing: CISPA, HR 684 aka “The Marketplace Fairness Act,” and a questionable Executive Order. So don't close your eyes because they are counting on you not looking.

1. CISPA has been called the Patriot Act of the internet…here's some of the verbiage of CISPA also known as HR 624…….take a look at the agencies involved with this NASA NSA DARPA NOAA DHS

2. we have main stream media news accounts getting hacked -- AP . 60 Min - 48 hrs all claimed to be the victims of hacks. Look for any other big hacks a happening in the news

3. Market Place Fairness ACT is set to force business owners to pay sales tax for web sales to every state they ship to.

4. Why did Obama sign an executive order to create an presidential commission on election administration.

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