May 29, 2013

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Tuesday: The Nightly News. Major Whistleblower Interview with Former World Bank Attorney Karen Hudes. Plus, The Global Monsanto March that Wasn't. Then, $800,000 Luxury Chinese Beds make more sense to the IRS than Good Ol' American Gibson Guitars.

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On The May 28, 2013 Broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, David Knight speaks with Karen Hudes who worked for 20 years in the World Bank’s legal department. Ms. Hudes is a whistleblower involved in a laundry list of corruption that has begun to rear its shadowy cranium in The World Bank. Plus, Jakari Jackson speaks with Co-Founder, Editor, Investigative Journalist Anthony Gucciardi about the media blackout of the Massive Monsanto Protest over the 2013 Memorial Day Weekend. 436 Cities and 52 Countries held protests to make the world aware of the imminent threat Monsanto poses to our global food supply. Ignored by the Bought and Sold Media Hyenas, but brought to you in its entirety on The Infowars Nightly News.

News Covered:

Send John McCain to Guantanamo Bay.

Media Coverage Blackout Over Anti-Monsanto Protests.

Illinois Teacher in Hot Water After Informing Students of Fifth Amendment Rights.

Scotland: Every Child to Have “State Guardian” From Birth.

Pressure Cooker Discovered At Dearborn Hotel.

Man Who Died in Sacramento Police Custody Identified.

Police chief vows revenge after officer gunned down for no obvious reason.

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