August 04, 2013

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Sunday: The Alex Jones Show. Confirmed! Benghazi Cover Up Is Nothing But An Al CIAeda Weapon's Transfer Gone Wrong.

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Today on the Sunday, August 4 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the real story behind Benghazi, how the alternative media broke the story months ago, and how the corporate media is attempting to claim ownership and spin the story as the truth once again undercuts government lies and misinformation. Alex will revisit last year's interview with Lt. Col Anthony Schaffer whose sources said Obama ordered a hit on Ambassador Chris Stevens. On today's worldwide broadcast, Alex will also breakdown the reasoning and timing behind the Worldwide Terror Alert issued by the government as it reels in reaction to the latest Benghazi revelations and attempts to commandeer political events and the response of the public as it learns the real story in the alternative media.

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