August 21, 2013

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Wednesday: The The Alex Jones Show. The Character Assasination of Michael Hastings Intensifies With Newly Released Autopsy Report.

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On the Wednesday, August 21 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the fierce push towards an invasion of Syria with the latest chemical weapons attack being blamed on president Bashaar Al-Assad's regime, instead of the repugnant al Qaeda-affiliated Free Syrian Army. Alex also breaks down the NSA's ever-expanding surveillance state as a recent Wall Street Journal article indicates the agency has the ability to monitor 75 percent of Internet traffic. Alex also analyzes the accelerating war on whistleblowers and gives updates on NSA leaker Edward Snowden's case, the UK's likely unlawful detainment of Guardian writer Glenn Greenwald's partner and former Army Pfc. Bradley Manning's sentencing of 35 years in prison for his leak of classified files to Wikileaks. On today's show, Alex welcomes the close friend of late Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings, Staff Sgt. Joe Biggs, to discuss the reporter's autopsy report which found small amounts of marijuana and amphetamine in his blood, but not enough to have impaired his driving at such low levels.

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