September 26, 2013

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Wednesday: The Nightly News. Mr. Cruz Goes To Congress And Strolls Out 21 Hours Later..The Obamacare Debacle Continues. Plus, John Kerry Signs Away Our 2nd Amendment Without Congressional Approval In The Halls Of The U.N.

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On The September 25, 2013 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News, Lee Ann McAdoo Hosts & We Interview . News Covered: Ted Cruz' Obamacare Filibuster Lasts 21 Hours, 4th Longest In History. Americans Complain of Soaring Obamacare Costs. Obama on Obamacare: “We did raise taxes on some things.” UN Arms Treaty. Media Lumps Whistleblowers in With Mass Murders.

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  • Date: 09/25/2013

    On this Wednesday, September 25 worldwide broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex documents Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) epic stand against Obamacare. Cruz has been on the Senate floor for over 20 hours in a campaign to deny funding to the government takeover of the health industry. Alex welcomes Philip C. Restino, Jr., a U.S. Army veteran, co-chair and founder of the Central Florida chapter of Veterans For Peace. Restino reveals that the national leadership of several anti-war organizations are blocking resolutions approved by their membership to impeach Barack Obama for his war crimes. Also joining the show is Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, the New York Times best-selling author who continues explaining how the Obama administration supplies money and arms to al-Qaeda while using the threat of al-Qaeda to take away our liberties. Corsi is also the author of Who Really Killed Kennedy? 50 Years Later: Stunning New Revelations About the JFK Assassination. - Watch now

  • Date: 09/23/2013

    The iPhone 5s was just released and its already been hacked. So why's the NYPD passing out fliers nudging people to upgrade their software? Are they on Apple's payroll? Is it to fight petty theft or something more sinister? - Watch now

  • Date: 09/25/2013

    On The September 24, 2013 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News, Paul Joseph Watson Hosts & We Interview Dr. John Hall. News Covered: State of Connecticut Refuses to Release Adam Lanza’s Medical Records. Off Duty Soldier Armed With Handgun Saves 100 Lives During Mall Siege. Seventh Graders Suspended For Nine Months For Playing With Toy Gun… AT HOME. Americans' Belief That Gov't Is Too Powerful at Record Level. Children in Syrian Town Simulating Beheadings Of Enemies. - Watch now

  • Date: 09/24/2013

    On this Tuesday, September 24, edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex interviews former secret service agent Dan Bongino about the DC Navy Yard shooting and what it's like to live inside the “DC Bubble.” He'll also share his views on how politicians in both political parties have become so corrupt, that any focus on prescriptive policies for a better tomorrow have been lost. Alex will also talk with American former newspaper journalist and New York Times best selling author Jim Marrs, and former pilot for clandestine CIA flights, Robert Tosh Plumlee, about Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham's traitorous actions for being in cahoots with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as they work towards waging a war with Iran. - Watch now