November 14, 2013

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Wednesday: The Nightly News. Obama Administration Admits Dismal Obamacare Enrollment Number Of 106,000 Total Enrollees. Plus, We Speak With Investigative Journalist Ben Swann About Jury Nullification.

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On The November 13, 2013 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News, Jakari Jackson Hosts & We Interview Investigative Journalist Ben Swann. News Covered: HHS reports 106,000 have picked health plans through ObamaCare. Secret Globalist Treaty Threatens Internet Freedom. Seattle Police Deactivate Wi-Fi Spy Grid After Privacy Outcry. School’s New Spy System Places Children Under Complete Surveillance. Congressional Approval Sinks to Record Low. Afghan opium production hits record. Soros-linked Group Pushes Sex to Sell Obamacare. Bomb squad called to North Austin office building.

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