December 18, 2013

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Tuesday: The Infowars Nightly News. Snowden: N.S.A.'s Indiscriminate Spying 'Collapsing.' Plus, N.S.A. Phone Surveillance Program Likely Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Rules.

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On The December 17, 2013 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News, David Knight Hosts & We Interview Host Of Coast To Coast, John B. Wells. News Covered: Snowden: NSA's indiscriminate spying 'collapsing' NSA phone surveillance program likely unconstitutional, federal judge rules. Sebelius: Yes, Some Will Pay More for Health Insurance Under Obamacare. MSM attacks multivitamins in yet another example of quack science. Obama Allows Great Lakes Water To Be Sold To China As Half The U.S. Faces Extreme Water Crisis. Drug Raid Accident Kills Young Mother.

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  • Date: 12/17/2013

    On this bombshell Tuesday, December 17 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex completely exposes the accelerated destruction on property rights, privacy rights and national sovereignty. In New York, police harassed a man for washing his car in his own private driveway. In national news, a federal judge in Washington ruled that the NSA's domestic spying likely violates the Fourth Amendment and is "almost Orwellian" in scope. He also said that James Madison, the architect of the Constitution, would be aghast at the agency's dragnet. The plaintiff of the case, Larry Klayman, joins Alex to break down what this historic ruling means for Americans. William F. Jasper, senior editor of The New American, also joins the show to explain in detail how the Trans-Pacific Partnership will erode U.S. sovereignty. - Watch now

  • Date: 12/17/2013

    On The December 16, 2013 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News, David Knight Hosts & We Interview Host Of Coast To Coast, John B. Wells. News Covered: Boston Bomber Believed He Was a Victim of Mind Control. Media Works To Keep Mass Shooters’ Profiles Secret. Armed School officer was hero in Colorado shooting. '60 Minutes': NSA Good, Snowden Bad. NSA officials consider Edward Snowden amnesty in return for documents. Document Reveals State’s Move To Vastly Expand Continuity of Government Powers. After 100 Years Of Failure, It’s Time To End The Fed! Nazi Counterfeiters and the Fed. Iraq violence kills 54 in run-up to Shi'ite holy day. California gun owners warily eye rifle, shotgun database requirement. Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Laws on Gun Control. Why Taser is paying millions in secret ‘suspect injury or death’ settlements. The 8 Companies Behind Google's Robot Army. Now it’s time give him a brain - Kurzweil. Climate change expert's fraud was 'crime of massive proportion,' say feds. - Watch now

  • Date: 12/16/2013

    On the Monday, December 16 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex analyzes the influx of terror-related events engulfing the United States as of late - from the FBI entrapment of a witless patsy at Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport, to shootings and bomb scares on college campuses - and reveals who ultimately stands to gain from these events. Alex also looks in depth at the results of a Boston Globe investigation which found Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev believed had been brainwashed, or hypnotized, to act on trigger phrases, claims which match up identically with those of previous notorious assassins, such as 'Batman' shooter James Holmes and RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan. On today's show, Alex also examines the inherent incompetence of the ongoing Obama-care fiasco, and catalogs the latest victories and losses in the war on the Constitution and freedom at large. We'll also take your calls on today's worldwide broadcast. - Watch now

  • Date: 12/16/2013

    On the Sunday, December 15 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex runs down the latest on the Colorado shooter's professed love of socialism and the wrecking ball policies of the British economist John Maynard Keynes. Alex also covers the latest on the selfie narcissist-in-chief, Barack Obama, who is scheduled to take another long and leisurely vacation following his most recent notable failure, the crash and burn of the Obamacare website that will ultimately cost the American people around a billion dollars to remedy and is already sucking money out bank accounts. Obama has also tried to kickstart the Democrat blitzkrieg aimed squarely at the Second Amendment by exploiting the anniversary of the Newtown massacre to push for new restrictions on firearms. - Watch now