April 09, 2014

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Tuesday: The Infowars Nightly News. Eric Holder Grilled By GOP Rep. "Don't Go There Buddy." Plus, “Red Dawn”: Supporters Rally to Defend Family Facing Showdown With Feds.

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On The April 8, 2014 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News. Lee Ann McAdoo Hosts & We Interview Dr. Ed Group On Ways To Get Impurities Out Of Your Life. News Covered: Eric Holder Explodes At GOP Rep. Congress draws contempt charges for Lois Lerner. ‘Tax Freedom Day’ falls three days later this year. “Red Dawn”: Supporters Rally to Defend Family Facing Showdown With Feds. LA Cops tampered with surveillance in patrol cars to avoid being monitored. Eric Holder wants gun owners to wear ‘smart gun’ bracelets.

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  • Date: 04/07/2014

    On the Monday, April 7 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the Republicans' quizzical weakening of their opposition to Obamacare, as they move to expand coverage choices for business organizations, proving once again how the right feigns revulsion, while working in concert with the left. Alex also looks at the evolving situation in Ukraine as the west blames Russia for orchestrating pro-Russian demonstrations outside Ukrainian government offices. On today's show, Alex invites practicing psychiatrist and author Dr. John Liebert to give insight as to why military suicides are at an all-time high, and to examine how a cocktail of prescription pharmaceuticals can lead to violent episodes such as the one witnessed in Fort Hood last week. We'll also take your calls on today's worldwide broadcast. - Watch now

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    On The April 7, 2014 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News. David Knight Hosts. News Covered: One of the many armed bureaucracies that the Federal government has created to “harass our people and eat out their substance” is going to war with a rancher in Nevada. It is a tale of how our liberties die and how Agenda 21 will be rolled out. As the militarized police from the “Bureau of Land Management” literally train their snipers on the rancher and his family, we look at the full spectrum of tyranny from the federal race to militarize the police to the military unveiling autonomous, full-sized helicopter drones to the Common Core propaganda attacking the Second Amendment. NeoCon Philip Klein tweeted that he thought Captain America 2 was co-written by Glenn Greenwald and Alex Jones. No, we don’t write the NWO script. It’s written by the NSA and their media sycophants like Klein. Alex Jones just gives you the spoilers from their plots. And one of their scripts is to sow racial strife and discord using people like Agent CI-7, otherwise known as race pimp Al Sharpton. In an investigation from the SmokingGun.com, it is revealed that Al Sharpton was “flipped” from working with the Mafia and became an informant. Since becoming an informant, he has become a household name from Tawana Brawley to MSNBC, using disinformation, lies and manufactured racism News Covered: Federal Snipers Train Guns on Family For Filming Cattle. Armed Feds Prepare For Showdown With Nevada Cattle Rancher. Woman SWAT Teamed At Gunpoint After Shopping At Garden Store. Under attack: Depth of federal arms race should surprise, shock citizenry. Navy Drones with a Mind of Their Own. Common Core-approved Textbooks Rewrite Second Amendment. ATF Criminally Seizes Gun Records. - Watch now

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    On this Sunday, April 6 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Nightly News host David Knight follows the latest developments in the Fort Hood shooting, including calls for soldiers to be allowed to carry weapons for self-defense. Alex presents a special report on the shootings at the Texas military base and the connection between it and a cocktail of drugs. David covers other news items today, including the suspicious death of yet another banker as the economy continues its death spiral despite Pollyannish proclamations by the establishment media and economists. Ron Paul is featured in the second hour of today's show. - Watch now

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    Infowars review of Captain America: Winter Soldier. The Infowars crew breaks down how the new Marvel film is blatantly anti-police state. - Watch now