July 25, 2014

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Friday: The Alex Jones Show. Washington Is Escalating the Orchestrated Ukrainian “Crisis” to War. Plus, Illegal Alien Gang Members Arrested for Murder of Homeless Man.

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On the powerful Friday, July 25 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Infowars reporter David Knight hosts the broadcast in Alex's stead, breaking down the acceleration of the globalist agenda on every front. Knight looks at the erosion of America's borders, in light of a proposal to import Hondurans seeking asylum in the U.S., and also examines the Federal Election Commission's effort to impose book regulations on conservative book publishers. On today's show, David invites author, American economist and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts, to discuss the collapse of the Ukraine government and the U.S.'s continued attempt to manipulate Ukraine and Russian politics behind the scenes. Knight also analyzes the latest Obamacare meltdowns, and explains the motives behind the Justice Department's move to sue states wanting to impose voter ID laws. We'll also take your calls on this global edition.

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