October 17, 2014

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The Secret Life of Gov. Paid Trolls

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A troll's recent death in England has opened a discourse on troll behavior in general. We all know the current species of trolls are vile scum who dwell in the basements of their parents' homes and who spend their free time hounding people more talented than themselves with their mindless keyboard dribble while eating copious amounts of mayonnaise-filled hot pockets.

However in recent web history, trolls have actually served a purpose: to invite controversy and to open debate with those who have a different political or philosophical persuasion.

In between the hobby trolls and OG trolls lives the Government Paid Troll (GPT). They are found in every country and, like the teleprompter reading Skeksis that fill cable news channels promoting endless wars and big government worship, these internet wretches are vacant wastelands who serve no other purpose than to inject disinformation onto the internet and to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes they consider desirable.

They receive their marching orders from faceless social scientists who are using the web as their own playground. You have probably encountered a GPT or two while surfing the web. This video will show you the techniques they use and provide some solutions to fight back.

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