September 30, 2015

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Wednesday: The Alex Jones Show. Airstrike In Syria. Russia's Attempt To Eliminate ISIS

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On this Wednesday, September 30th edition of the Alex Jones Show we cover the Russian bombing of Islamic State targets in Syria and Saudi Arabia’s rejection of Russian involvement and its decision to beef up the jihadists attempting to overthrow the Syrian government and its leader, Bashir al-Assad. We also continue our coverage of the murderous insanity of Muslim immigrants and the liberal media’s attempt to shift the blame in the war of words over radical Islam. We also take a look at a move by Apple to shut down an app that catalogues U.S. drone strikes. On today’s worldwide broadcast we talk with “The Angry Foreigner,” a Bosnian immigrant who has achieved viral success with his videos criticizing the fallout from Sweden's open border policy and Theodore Morgan-Major, a researcher with Seele Team 6, a research team focused on the gaming industry and the GamerGate controversy.

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    On tonights Tuesday, September 29th edition of the Infowars Nightly News, Barack Obama has turned Vladimir Putin into the most powerful leader in the world, Documents obtained by judicial watch reveal that the Obama administration gave more than 15,000 Terrorist asylum in the US last year. Meanwhile the Washington Times is reporting that Terrorist are planning a nuclear tsunami and the United States is drastically under estimating the power of ISIS. Plus disturbing news from the state of Washington as girl as young as 10 years old have been implanted with birth control devices. - Watch now

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