November 15, 2019

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China sells autonomous killer drones into the Middle East
Two tales of 2 deaths — which one did FOX & checkbook media spend all day on & why
Massachusetts will confiscate your car if you have (banned) e-Cigs
CPS tells parent: “Submit to me or you will never see your children again”
Dana Gottesfeld joins to tell America about the “black site” (One of two CMU, Communications Management Unit, sites in the US) her whistleblower husband has been sent to, used to gag dissidents & whistleblowers
Venice floods, Greta sails, millennial sues to intimidate $2.9TRILLION pension fund for not being green enough (he only has $57 in it)
Senate holding hearing on self-driving car safety. Will they stop the experiments on public roads or stop local govt protecting our safety? Man can’t get rid of his incinerated Tesla
Judge rules on Bride of ISIS returning to US, Lindsey Graham stops condemnation of Armenian genocide
Roger Stone guilty on all counts

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