September 18, 2017

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Monday-September 18, 2017:The "mother!" Of All Propaganda - Hollywood’s New GAIA Pagans

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• Matt Dubiel - Chicago is under a $Million ad assault pushing sugar drink taxes, from virtue signaling former NYC Mayor Bloomberg. Is this the beginning of a 2020 presidential campaign?
— TV Emmy Awards obsessed with criticizing Trump. Should we call them the ENVY Awards? Besides the usual suspects, criticisms came from some unlikely sources
— Jennifer Lawrence’s mother! has been called the “worst film of the century”, rated “F” by film critics. But there is a very anti-human pagan religion at its foundation (and many more films about to be released).
— Dan Love, the BLM agent responsible for the Bundy standoff, has been fired, but it looks like he will escape the criminal prosecution he deserves
— Trump addresses the UN as US Ambassador Nikki Haley pushes for war and Sec State Tillerson pushes to get the US back into the Paris Climate Agreement
— Will it be DACA or MAGA? What will be the cost of amnesty for DACA “Dreamers”?

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