September 19, 2017

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Tuesday - September 19, 2017: Vaxer: “Kill All The Whites”, InfoWars Vindicated On Wiretaps

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• John McAfee, After promising to cut off his d**k on live TV if BitCoin didn’t hit $500k in 3 years, McAfee is still long on the cryptocurrency — he tells why and talks about the EquiFax hack of 143 Million people’s financial ID
• Dr. Jerome Corsi — the “Obama Foundation” is looking suspiciously like the “Clinton Foundation”. Dr. Corsi talks about his first installment of an in-depth report
— for months the media and Comey have been telling us there was no surveillance of Trump or his team and saying InfoWars was the source of fake news behind Trump’s tweets. Now suddenly they admit they were lying
— Hillary told NPR she wants more liberal media to combat InfoWars. Google is obliging with funding for 1,000 journalists
— A pediatrician from Baylor explains that the “refusers” of vaccines are mostly white and educated and don’t do as they’re told like the immigrants do. The solution is to “kill all the white people” and conduct a “war”, “one-on-one against individual families”
— California wants mandatory vaccines, but they want to revoke a law that makes it a crime to INTENTIONALLY infect someone with HIV/AIDS
— Bill Gates is funding research at MIT to inject babies with a lifetime of time-released vaccines

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