September 08, 2014

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Obama's Transparency Is A Cruel Joke.

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President Obama's silence is deafening. Not only is he mum on ISIS, Ebola, and The Economic Future of America. He is also silent on the epidemic of alleged child rapes in North Carolina. Infowars Reporter Jon Bowne brings us up to speed on the impact of Obama's treasonous policies.

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  • Date: 09/10/2014

    On this Tuesday September 9, 2014 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News. Obama's ISIS War: Profit for military contractors.Spokesman for Sotloff family blasts Obama. White House using murdered journalists as pawns. REPORT: China moves 12,000 troops to Russian border. New police "compliance" weapons blind targets. Cops taze man for having a seizure. Facebook bans gun owners, ALLOWS kitten torture video. The gadget that can knock drones and Google Glass offline. APPLE PAY: Users can now make payments with the "touch of a finger". US federal air marshal attacked with syringe in Lagos airport. School labels chapstick over the counter drug,’ demands students bring doctor's note. Chicago unleashes full scale surveillance of citizens. - Watch now

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    On the Tuesday, September 9 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex continues delving into how the west is once again using the pretext of terror to mount support for military expansion in middle east countries such as Syria, Iraq and nowLibya. Jones also looks at how undeclared wars area boon for the defense contractor sector even if no official “boots are on the ground,” and examines the latest law enforcement “compliance weapon,” which is designed to blind targets for up to 15 minutes. Jones also breaks downthe threat posed to the US by the spread of ebola, and gives an update on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. On today's show, Alex welcomes the founder of Project Veritas James O'Keefe to discuss his recent success in penetrating the nation's northern and southern borders, in theatricalattemptsto illustrate the country's lack of security, despite a credible threat from the terror group ISIS. - Watch now

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    On this Monday September 8th,2014 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News. Obama's long war: defeating ISIS will take years.FLASHBACK: Obama asks for $500 million.Rebels: Yes, we're still collaborating with ISIS and Al Qaeda.Man fakes beheading video and fools global media.O'Keefe crosses border again.Virus hits kids across the country.Brain injury in the womb might be root of the disorder according to new research.Ray Rice video not used for gun violence. Cops sieze hundreds of millions stop and seize. And, Secrets police don't want you to know. - Watch now

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    Alex breaks down recent attacks on the First Amendment and the rising hostility between NATO and Russia on this Monday, September 8 edition of the Alex Jones Show. Two Russian strategic bombers practiced cruise missile attacks on the United States while flying near northeast Canada, and analysts say the Tu-95 Bear bombers were flying to an optimum point for firing nuclear-armed missiles against U.S. targets. In Oregon, militarized police arrested a man for filming them raiding his neighbor from across the street. On today's show, Lew Rockwell, libertarian political commentator and chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, joins the show to cover the explosive reemergence of Cold War tensions and the latest power plays by the Obama administration. - Watch now