October 14, 2014

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Monday: The Infowars Nightly News. World Health Organization: EBOLA IS MODERN ERA'S WORST HEALTH EMERGENCY. Plus, Dick Cheney: Next mass casualty will be bigger than 9/11.

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On The October 13, 2014 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News, David Knight goes into detail concerning U.S. needs to rethink Ebola infection controls says CDC chief. EBOLA IS MODERN ERA'S WORST HEALTH EMERGENCY. Border Collapse Paves Way for Ebola Invasion. Batman Predicted Ebola. Pentagon unveils plan for military's response to climate change. Mysterious Pentagon office that oversees clandestine operations unraveling in federal court. Dick Cheney: Next mass casualty will be bigger than 9/11. Final document dump spills Clinton White House secrets. Soros hosts fundraiser for independent Kansas Senate candidate. Citizen pulls over unmarked sheriff's deputy, issues warning.

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    On the Sunday, October 12 edition of the Alex Jones Show, fill-in host David Knight breaks down the latest news regarding the second case of Ebola appearing in the US, transmitted to a nurse of patient Thomas Eric Duncan despite her wearing full protective gear, and also gives an update on the progress of experimental vaccines such as Zmapp. Knight also looks at how Italy is moving to use its army to cultivate marijuana, and contrasts that with the US military's contrived heroin epidemic. On today's show, David also examines how the expanding police state relies on fleecing the American public through civil forfeiture laws. - Watch now

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    On The October 10, 2014 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News, CDC Disappearing potential ebola victims. Ebola could spread through open border. “Those people are disappearing, we don’t know what they have, where they’re going, where they’re taking them – surely they’re being quarantined somewhere we just don’t know where and even the agents don’t know what the diagnosis is of these illnesses.” Obama contradicts CDC. Man pulled off plane for making ebola joke. Expect confrontation in Ferguson, Missouri over the weekend. Rand Paul Visits Ferguson Ahead of Fresh Protests. - Watch now

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    Alex exposes the never before revealed, inside scoop on Ebola leaked by top government doctors on this Friday, October 10 edition of the Alex Jones Show. Dr. Edward Group joins Alex in studio to announce and break down these revelations on Ebola currently unknown to the public. Also, a man was pulled off of a U.S. Airways flight after joking he had Ebola and U.S. officials admit Ebola can spread through America's open southern border, which DHS chief Jeh Johnson claims is "secure." In other news, a life-long Democrat running for a House seat refused to admit she voted for Obama, which serves as a prominent example of how Democrats are trying to distance themselves from Obama's failed presidency. - Watch now

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    Alex Jones and the Infowars Crew have been telling you for months that our borders are wide open to terrorists. The time for warnings is over. ISIS is here. Prepare, by all accounts we are looking at an attack in the very near future. - Watch now