March 06, 2015

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Friday: The Alex Jones Show. Former CIA Insider Info On Iran, ‘President’ Hillary Clinton, & CPS Sex Scandal

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On this Friday, March 6 edition of the Alex Jones Show we cover the continued predatory behavior of the state as children abducted by CPS end up in the sex trade and parents are charged for allowing their kids to walk home from a playground. We also look at the latest outrage by the Islamic State as it targets more archeological treasures in Iraq and the growing movement against Common Core as students walk out in protest. On today’s broadcast we talk with activist and author Robert David Steele about a reform initiative that is starting to gain traction after a very successful presentation in Portland Oregon on Saturday. Steele, the author of OPEN POWER: Electoral Reform Act of 2015 - Open Source Activist Tool Kit, believes 2015 is the year we can break the back of the two-party tyranny and the wall street criminal network.

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